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She was right. He guessed it didn't hurt to look around. So he let her lead him into the house. He walked around slowly, uncertain of the layout and afraid he might unintentionally run into something. It was certainly bigger then they needed, but the last two had been as well. There was also a space he could expand to make into his home lab.

He was standing at the sink in the kitchen trying to imagine himself cooking them dinner or baking them a cake. He glanced out at the backyard. From what he could of it, it was nice. Walled. He could put a small garden in. His fanged geranium (who hated him, but seemed to love Zita) could be happy on the windowsill over there. It seemed like it would work. "I like, but is it too much? Do ve real need zwo (2) rooms?" Maybe Zita was thinking about operating the business out of the house? They hadn't really talked about her post schooling plans. "But I liked ze last apartment also." Even if it was also bigger then they really needed. "I could grow plants in ze backyart." Which was a bonus. He might have perked up a little at the idea.
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