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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Addison knew Connor well enough to pick up on his emotions whenever there was a change in them. Still, he tried his best to keep things going smoothly. As it was, he was content to sit there holding onto her hand. There was a lot of truth in her words but he sometimes felt guilty about her having a row with her family over the fact she and him had moved in together. Of course, over the course of time the feeling had calmed somewhat. But it always was still there, gnawing away at him.

“It’s a relief to hear that they’re coming around,’’ he remarked honestly. Then he laughed. “Aren’t you the air of surprise.’’ Connor nodded, wondering if now was a good time to make the move or to wait until Addison had put some food in her stomach. He decided to go with the latter. “I did. All those days of cooking and burning things paid off.” For today’s meal came out mostly perfect. Connor was pleased with himself.

“What does the lady wish to eat first?’’ Because he was going to be the waiter too!
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