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Having ostensibly found the information in question once again, Jake reached up to take a copy of the document down for reference, though he was sure by now - call it intuition - that this was not, exactly, going to be the real focus of the moment.

"Count me in," he said in reply to Alexa and Franklin both, turning back to them and folding the parchment over loosely in his fingers. Jake had a smile to spare for the YATI - Renaldi, he was certain of that name - and a quick nod of the head in greeting. "Good luck," he added to her, regarding whatever case she decided to try and tackle with Carter. The job was less about luck, and more about skill, of course, but it was the thing to say. Sort of. Sometimes. And luck did often play a part.

This wasn't the time to go ruminating on the most socially acceptable phrasing. Nor the job for it, at least not this aspect of the job. More important stuff to deal with, and, speaking of which, he started away from the information board, intending to move along with Alexa and Franklin.

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