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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

Honestly, Scottie was going to let the guy figure his OWN way out, but when Saul made a VALUABLE point that it would be hard to escape without a wand, Scottie scoffed.

Like, audibly.

He made his voice as all growl-y, kind of sounding like his dad as he did so, "Fine." He grunted. It was helpful acting like the trolls his brother worked with. "Wait here." And Scottie......... was off.

And when he returned in exactly 3 minutes and 43 seconds later, he had one of Saul's wands with him. The backup one. He tossed it at Saul as he looked around. "You need to"
Good, probably-Scott saw reason. He still continued to will his own wand back to him in the time maybe-Scott ran off. Pleasantly surprised that his own wand did summon right into his hand after about 2 minutes. Good, it must of needed that extra push. The room the processed wands are kept in just needed to be opened. Wand chooses the Wizard indeed.

"Right." Saul nodded in agreement as he pocketed his father's wand and holstered his own back into the wrist holster he still had on. Saul made for the exit then turned back to look at the hooded figure. "Thank you." He said to most-likely-Scott as Saul made his escape from the Ministry of Magic.
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