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Grae had been shuffling through the packet in front of her absentmindedly when Simone began speaking. She blinked a few times to regain focus. Though staff meetings rarely bored Grae—she relished any excuse to mingle with her colleagues and get away from the apparition examination room, even if it was just for a short while—she was having trouble focusing lately. Her mind was jumpy and scattered, flipping between gossip she'd been overhearing in the corridors and memories of what had occurred at the Gala. But now was the time to focus, as Simone's first order of business directly involved her position.

She bit her lip to hide her dismay at these new....regulations. Grae had feared reforms like this, given all the talk in the Ministry lately. But banning Muggleborns from getting apparition licenses outright? That was surely not something that would go over well. She had to agree with their newest colleague on that. Nodding toward Daichi (she thought that was what his name was), she raised an eyebrow as she addressed the department head. It was a genuine question, if Grae was to be handling those that applied for an apparition test. "And is that the reasoning that we are to give to those who question the new regulation?" Grae asked, referring to Simone's former statement, the one that included the obviously-contrived sentiments about embarking on a new time in history. The flighty Muggleborns would probably accept it. But anyone with a brain would see right through it. This new movement was about getting rid of Muggleborns. Slowly phasing them out. Plain and simple. Did this new organization really expect the Muggleborns (and half-bloods, for that matter) to go along with it, without even putting up a fight?
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