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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
David was not discouraged from continuing to poke the (admittedly, very pretty and very white polar) bear. Perhaps this Ravenclaw had spent too much time around Gryffindors, hmm?

He listened to her, though, his blue eyes trailing down to the toadstools in her hand. Of course, he understood that they had crossed wires, so to speak, to borrow yet another Muggleism, but to tell the truth, he would not be deterred today. Even if he were highly interested in magical plants and fungi.

"No, actually," David's mouth nearly twitched at the corners in a bit of a giveaway, "I think you are more drawn to the dangerous ones; perhaps one that's scarlet in color as a warning sign that it should not be touched? Perhaps you should seek out a Blaze-Again Button?" He again tapped her shoulder with one of his long, lithe fingers. "To be quite frank, I was actually referring to your coat's color, Ms. Gray. It suits you, though I think red would suit you more. Might bring out your eyes somewhat."

He paused, his eyes meeting her aforementioned ones. "A simple compliment for a friend, nothing more." Alright, there, that was enough Gryffindoring and bear-baiting for the day.
Hanging around with Gryffindors could be a nasty but alluring habit, as she learned during her year exchange at Hogwarts during the IMPS. Though her circle encompassed precisely one Gryffindor, Levi Kenning, who likewise had a knack for getting under her skin but also in a way that had earned her respect. It was nonsensical to the former Wampus - though she had been told that where she a Hogwarts student she would have been a Slytherin. Though this narrative was one where she was villainize and there was a nasty stereotype about that house.

It was an easy narrative for one to fall into, a black and white dichotomy of reality, when life was a spectrum of many shades.

His response elicited a pleasant feline variety of smirk while also drew her attention away from the toadstools and finally on David himself. "Encouraging my explosive personality are you, David Truebridge?" He was not entirely incorrect, though she had no real use for something with such popularity nor a desire to create fireworks. Aesthetically, however, yes she could see his point. Pulling back the veil on the compliment had the unfortunate and involuntary consequences of her eyes widening and her face warming. Another unpleasant outcome, thanks to her pale features, was that it was always obvious when something had her even slightly flustered. "Perhaps," she replied upon clearing her throat, fiery violet-gray eyes fleetingly gazing into his cool blue ones. "Though unfortunately lacking a certain aposematic quality with people."

Bottom line being that no, Valerie Gray still did not know how to take a compliment and there was a mild twinge of lament for how dismissive she was behaving. Hence an afterthought of an olive branch.

"I own a coat of scarlet. I shall wear it next time we meet."

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