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No sign of the boss. Good. Lex had never been a fan of the man, not with the way he'd spoken about her team--a good team, mind you. Hard workers. Put their lives on the line daily and were not glorified ministry security guards. There was a security division. She would thank Goldwasser to take up all his ministry orientation mishaps with them.

Most Aurors didn't have the time to attend the orientation to welcome new employees. Y'know, actual crime happening on and off schedule.

With recent events, there were a lot of things about that man that left her with new questions. It was just better having him out of office these days.

Lex spared a glance at one of their new recruits...Renaldi it might have been but left her to Carter as he was already volunteering. Instead, she focused on Jake with another glance at Frankie. "Interesting. Sounds urgent enough." She knew the case he was referring to. On her way to get a file from her desk yesterday, she'd spared a glance at the board before deciding she had enough on her plate and didn't need irritatingly stupid crimes adding to that load.

"Could prove problematic if too many more people try the same. Can't imagine Ministry safety, wizarding world safety..." She rattled off a few. "Can't imagine the Neo Alliance will be too happy when everyone starts turning into each other. That'd be...problematic. There might be something over in evidence for us to get a crack on. Anyone with some free time to take a look with me?"

Rather, she needed a word with them and the open work area was the absolute last place to do it.
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