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Speaking of keeping up with the MLE head, Ronan had noticed the group heading towards the holding cells on one of his bathroom breaks and followed. "I will," he spoke up, his voice being the only the thing to announce his presence besides, well, his presence thanks to his silent footsteps.

Good, the oblivator could deal with the puppy. How Ferguson was only a year younger than himself but acted like such a beyond eager to please child was beyond him.

The other cells were empty, a fact that got a raised eyebrow from the auror. It was obvious from Goldwasser's actions that it wasn't supposed to be empty now. "Hmm, wasn't Saul in there just this morning?" he asked casually, summoning an intake form, clipboard and quill (ugh, how he hated using the things, a fact that he didn't let show on his face) and pulling them out of the air when they arrived. "Full name, please," he said, turning to the woman in the cell now with the form situated on the clipboard and quill at the ready.
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