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Missa wasn't snooping. No, not at all. (Yes, yes she was). She was just interested and couldn't keep to herself whenever she got the chance to visit the department. It was both inspiring and tempting to see actual, REAL Aurors at work.

She wanted to be one of them one day, okay?

So, naturally, when she had to check in with her progress, and to maybe find out what in merlin's name was actually going on with Eiji's grandfather, she made sure to make her way over to first group of Aurors she saw standing.

They were the GOOD kind of bunch too, you know. Definitely ones she admired and it showed on her face when she peeked at that board they were looking at, "anything on there any one of you might need any assistance with?" she asked politely - assistance with patrols had been nice the first ten times, but it would be SO COOL to actually help with a case.

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