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The board was ... well, Jake was right in saying that some things never changed. Glancing from one note to the next, nothing on it seemed new. But, nevertheless, they still had those assignments to take care of. New or not, Frankie was willing to take one whatever sounded interesting (and time-consuming) and get right to it. "Never a dull moment in this department," he commented in response. "Even with everyth --"

An abrupt pause occurred when Ronan appeared and sat at his desk. Normally he would have finished whatever he had to say, but Frankie remembered the events of the gala quite well. He still wasn't completely certain about Ronan; the fact he had stepped in to help handle Milo Jordan though hadn't disappeared with the lot was just conflicting. "Hey, Carter," he addressed the younger man. Cordiality was something he could manage for now at the very least.

It really was an odd feeling not being certain you could trust someone. But these were changing times. Ronan's presence made his mind start to go on a tangent about everything that was going on. Then Alexa showed up, which only made him fleetingly think of Hogwarts. They all were int he dark about what all was going not here, and he couldn't imagine what it must be like being a parent of a student who was at the school right now. It made him wonder if they would have to find somewhere else to enroll Melody in a couple terms or if they would just homeschool her.

The mention of the bossman brought him out of his thoughts. "Haven't seen him." Quite frankly, he was just fine with that. The odds of them all not having to see him would lessen the sooner they all took on another assignment. He glanced over at Jake and then the board at the mention of the dodgy Imperious Curse. Frankie was aware those 'new leads' had been there before, but he was more than willing to act otherwise.

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