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Briefly flicking his eyes away from the board, long enough to see who was there just before he actually spoke, Jake nodded in response. "Paton. Some things never change," he remarked, staring up at the information on offer. "Still plenty to be getting on with." Jury was still out on whether that was good or bad. Crime was bad, yes, that was a given, and he stuck firmly to that principle as much as his job required, and then some. But it also got them out of the Ministry itself, more than most other unlucky employees.

Hearing another set of footsteps, Jake turned to see Ronan Carter. That young man made him a little uneasy, not in the sense that he was particularly unnerving, but merely because the situation at the gala - when Carter had tried to step in - was still fresh in Jake's memory. He hadn't seen that one Unspeakable since he'd been led away. Admittedly, Jake had seldom seen the man before that night, but then there was Milo Jordan, who had also vanished. Officially missing, in fact. Jake had to wonder if any of that was on the cards for his colleague as well, and if they'd even be able to do anything about that if so. Not to mention, when he thought about Jordan, it set him off thinking about Hogwarts, what might be (was almost certainly) happening there, and how the three of his children currently enrolled had a tendency to mouth off, or antagonise authority, or simply speak up at the absolute worst possible moment...

Uh, so yes. Uneasy. But nothing personal.

Rather than voice any of this, Jake just greeted the other Auror with a second nod, and a, "Hey," but was spared from having to think of what else to add, thanks to the arrival of Alexa Cambridge.

"Seems so," he replied, turning to see her better, then shaking his head regarding Goldwasser. No doubt the man was off confiscating lollipops from babies - seemed the type - but Jake had just about enough of a brain in his head to swerve around that joke. He was just about to reply in the negative to Cambridge's second question as well, but something in her look made him think twice. It took him a moment, but he soon got the meaning behind it... or, at least, he hoped he did. "N-... oh, actually, yes. Some new leads on the case with the dodgy Imperius Curse." Jake turned as if to relocate said information, which was indeed up there, but had actually appeared the day before. Any Auror worth their salt would have seen it already.

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