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David did not know what to make of this strange woman grabbing his shoulders but he would be lying if he said he were truly bothered by her touch. He was rather embarrassed by her compliment about his eyes, sure, and it showed in the faint bit of pink that touched his cheeks. And showed in the awkward stammer that came when he tore his gaze away from hers to glance at the mess of records here.

"I'm-- I'm afraid I have no idea who Addleman is, but I'm sure if his record were here, I would just let you have it," he replied with some hesitantation. It just wasn't every day that the person he was watching happened to catch his staring, you see. And perhaps for that reason, he tacked on, "Do you want me to help you find it? I think I've got a spell for that."

The spell was the result of some experimental magic he'd come up with in his uni days when a bully had knocked his stack of papers out of his hands. And then proceeded to rough up his potions station. And kick half his papers and notes down the corridor. Yes, so, he had a spell to organize and alphabetize things, so what. Was he trying to impress this stranger? So what. Maybe. Maybe he liked compliments of his eyes.

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