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As much as the Ministry's new decorations disgusted him, Ronan had made it a point to stop into Level Two at least for a few hours a day. Hey, someone had to keep an eye on Goldwasser things around here. Besides, home wasn't exactly conducive to doing paperwork these days and patrols just ended up depressing him, reminding him of just how much a fully magical life would suck (he really liked tv and the Internet and having whatever he wanted delivered right to his door and muggle music.....).

Though, the Ministry building wasn't much of a picnic either these days. Everyone was tense, there was the aforementioned decor and there were reminders everywhere that, no matter what the majority of employees might think, blood status mattered quite a bit to these Neo-Alliance idiots and they were quite intent on forcing their beliefs on everyone else. Reminded him of certain groups in the Muggle world, ironically enough.

Coming back from the bathroom, he noticed a couple of his fellow aurors had also stopped in. "Hey," he greeted casually, taking a seat back at his desk. Now, where was that report he had intended to start on?
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