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Adam was going to miss his studio apartment. He'd lived in it since he moved to London, spending perhaps a bit too much money on it because he had fallen in love with the view. Ironic then that he has spent the last years here unable to really enjoy it. Still, a part of him felt it was worth it if it meant he got to come home to Zita every night. He had never expected to have a girlfriend, let alone asked one to move in with him. And did he mention that his girlfriend was hot? Because she was. She knew and he knew it, even if he couldn't really see it. She was also smart and funny and nice. Most of all, she was determined and strong. He really was looking forward to settling into a place that would be theirs.

It was a little chilly as they walked down the street to check out an apartment. "Sita," he asked sipping the cocoa he was holding. He was a bit tired after a long day at work, but he didn't drink coffee anymore. Not after what happened with Reil. "Vhat part uff town is zis place in?" Because he didn't think he'd ever been in this area before. Were they looking at something outside of their agreed upon budget? It was really important that they didn’t go over their price range, especially with all the changes that were going on in the Ministry. He wasn’t a pure-blood after all and if blood purity was that important to these Neanderthals, well, what would happen if they found out about his scars? Would he get fired? It was bad enough that his salary had been significantly cut. He’d only agreed to go forward with this because he was certain that he could get a good price for the flat he currently owned.
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