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Frankie's desk also had been abandoned for the most part. Due to all of these changes, he had taken on more patrols than normal, voluntarily, just so he didn't have to spend much time in a department he felt had gone topsy-turvy. Even the paperwork he had to do was taken elsewhere (and, honestly, he was doing a better job at filling it out now that he was taking his sweet old time getting it done in his 'safe place'). But avoiding Level Two completely was impossible. He still needed to turn in the paperwork, receive new assignments, fill out more paperwork, repeat.

The filled out forms in his hand were the reason for his appearance in the work area. With a grunt he tossed the paperwork where it needed to go. How many had he turned in this week? The Auror couldn't recall. That didn't really matter to him, not any more. All he wanted to do now was to snag another assignment so he could leave.

"Upstead," he greeted the man with a slight nod of his head as he eyed the board.

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