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04. Parents | YUNGBLUD

'Cause my
High hopes are getting low because these people are so old
The way they think about it all
If I tried I would never know
My high hopes are getting low
But I know I'll never be alone
It's alright, we'll survive
'Cause parents ain't always right

Summer 2094

“What do you mean, you’re moving out? Now? You’re going NOW?”

Bernie stared from her brother’s packed bags in their shared room, her blue eyes traveling up to him and then back to the bags. Her entire ten-year-old body shivered with sadness and other conflicting emotions. “You can’t go, Skidmark. You--- you can’t leave me with hi---

Her voice broke as the onslaught of tears overwhelmed her. Skidmark wrapped her in a big brotherly hug and didn’t let go until she stopped crying.

“It’s alright, Bernie. Hey. We’ll survive, ‘cause parents ain’t always right.” And theirs were almost never right.

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