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Jake's actual desk had a real air of abandonment about it lately, with how little time he'd been spending there. Even when he was up on Level Two as opposed to out on the job, he still couldn't face sitting there for very long. This had been especially true since the events at the start of the year, though the logic wasn't very... logical.

Regardless, in the period of time between finishing all that awful paperwork and the start of his next patrol, Jake had drifted away from his desk once more and ended up in front of the information board once again. He stood there, arms folded and brow creased, scanning through each document and information sheet until the words swam a little too much for him to stick with them, at which point he moved on. Though initially Jake had approached the board to see if he could find anything - or, perhaps more likely, fail to find something that should have been here - which pertained to the current situation, he soon ended up doing exactly what he did every other time he stood here. As his eyes roved around the information, Jake silently searched for any face, key characteristic, modus operandi, literally anything that he might have recognised. With all the kids he'd mentored over the years, and one of his errant spawn out in the world doing who-even-knew-what, it was a fairly valid worry.

Not one that was recognised today though, apparently, so that was... something.

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