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"Education, Mr. Primeaux, is not my area. What the educators at Hogwarts choose to do or not do with the children there is not my concern." He was getting bored with this conversation and he did not bother to hide it in his tone. Normally by now, he would have unwrapped a sucker and stuck it in his mouth. But he wasn't hungry and didn't have an urge for one beyond habit. "As for what your children are doing there? I would presume they are getting a high quality education. But I guess that depends on your children."

So he didn't want to conform. "Pitty." He re-buttoned his jacket as he prepared to leave. "I was hoping that someone with your background would know better. It appears I was mistaken." In fact it was only Primeaux's pure-blood status that was keeping Bain from more drastic measures. "Perhaps a night or two in the cells will help you change your mind." Although he doubted it. It seemed he had a night preparing termination papers ahead of him. Good thing he had gotten an energy boost.

Without another word, Bain departed, leaving Primeaux alone in the dimly lit cell.
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