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Simone didn't get up nor did she see the least bit annoyed by the young woman questioning what was going on. She knew she would be questioned, Merlin knew they had been questioned for years, but this was how it was going to be and it was a glorious feeling to be there. Simone didn't speak for a moment, but she pulled a memo out and jotted a few things on it. She wouldn't send it yet, but it was there if she needed.

"Miss Hickinbottom, I know you heard the..." but her words did not get to finish, because Chloe was giving her opinion that no one had asked for. Simone leaned back in her chair and let the woman finish. Her face never changing, she was a patient woman and she could stay calm in many situations, but this woman had not been asked and would have to be told her place it seemed.

Completely ignoring Chloe for now she looked to Miss Hickinbottom. "As I was saying you were there at the gala and you heard the minister. Things have changed and changes are for everyone's best interest. I promise you, you will see how good this is even for your kind." Standing she did send her memo off before turning towards Chloe. "Miss Adara I am your boss and you will listen to what I have to say. No one did ask your two knuts and it is not needed in this meeting that you so rudely interrupted without even setting a meeting with me or knocking. You have no clue what you are speaking about, but the rules even if she had her application in have changed. You will step in line or you will not have a job here." Was that clear? Though Simone might have had an annoyance look on her face thinking about the owing the woman something.

"As for owing you something, I owe you nothing. You work for me and this ministry not the other way around and I think you and some others in this building need to learn that lesson." With a quick flick of her wand she sent a cruciatus curse at Chloe.

Glancing at Candi she raised an eyebrow to see if the woman got the message now.
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