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Edric was indeed a big thinker, not a big actor. Unless he had something stimulating to do, and then he could become quite hyper, one might say. A stimulating train of thought for him might include his FAVOURITE PERSON EVER, perhaps, Emmerson Cambridge!!!!!!!!!

Or was Kinsay James his favourite?????? He did, actually, enjoy spending time with her as much as (and sometimes more than) his cousin-of-sorts. Edric's little mouth fell open slightly as he considered this NEW floo of thought. Kinsay. What were Kinsay and Emmerson up to at Hogwarts right now? In this very moment? Could he write to them? Would the owl get to them? And how long would it take for an owl to get there? He wasn't very good at writing, he was afraid, and had rather poor pensmanship, as the tutors liked to say; Jasper would have to be the one to do the writing. And then perhaps Edric could be the one to acquire an owl for them. And then perhaps the owl would get the letter to Kinsay and Emmerson, but speaking of owls, and owl treats, did owls like spaghetti noodles? Or noodles of any kind, really, he cou---

"Yesh," the ten-year old announced in conclusion to all these thoughts. "I mean, no, I haven't heard from them, but I WANNA write to them, if you wanna write. I mean, do the writing for us, k?"

There, he'd managed to get the thought across quite well. See! The tutors didn't even KNOW what they were talking about.

Edric, meanwhile, had nearly forgotten all about the hippogriff clouds, as his attention had been diverted elsewhere. "Huh?" He continued swinging at a slow pace. "Oh yeah, um, it flew off." What he wanted to say was it was a cloud, but he read his friend's face and saw how down he looked. So he thought it best to change the subject. Ish.

"Is there a petting zoo at this park? D'ya know?" Sometimes there was. Sometimes there were animals in parks and if you were a kid and you were brave enough, you could just go up and pet the animals; ergo, there was a petting zoo in the park. It made sense to him.

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