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"Well...I dunno, but it seems legit." She offered Cap a grin as she stole herself a cookie from the bag and munched on it happily. She was letting herself forget for a while and Cappis and cookies helped loads with that.

"You've got nothing to worry about, okay? I've got you." Besides, even if he did make a complete fool of himself on the ice, she'd never ever tell a soul. His secret would be safe with her. She busied herself with her own skates, hoping he believed her.

"More when I was little. Mum's dad used to take us all the time. He's a little more careful when we go these days. Gotta protect his old bones, he says." She paused for a moment, realizing she'd never got to go this year and wondering if her grandpa's old bones would even allow him to go next Christmas. The thought made her sad, but only for a minute. She was quick to shake it from her mind. "I still fall sometimes, especially when I go fast." And Cecelia loved to go fast. "But it never stops being fun, even then."
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