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Saul should have known better. Of course he was gonna get for the greater good as an answer. He thought on it before when he was running through his questions. "So why not send the kids home from Hogwarts and let them run wild during Winter Holiday?" Bain probably had some semblance of an idea what was happening in Hogwarts. Charles was spewing the Greater Good nonsense so much it was clear as bright burning daylight. Bain Goldwasser was working with the Minister in some capacity. "You lift the restriction but not those who are restricted by it?" In short really. "What are my children at Hogwarts doing, Bain?"
His wife would kill him if he didn't try to pry for answers on Kendi, Josh, and Isaiah.

Let him guess. It's for the greater good?

Saul went back to his bed, and sat down. Listening to Bain say Milo had departed really did not ease his concerns, in fact it made his stomach churn. His old Private Detective days would tell him to swallow his pride and use the freedom he was permitted to check in on Milo Jordan to see if he was okay. But Saul Primeaux took his job at the Improper Use of Magic Office very seriously. He also took great pride in that. He was no longer working independently either. So changes to his division felt like a major sleight against him and his work. "I'm going to stay." He said defiantly. "Perhaps you'll find a better division head who can fall in line for the greater good." Stubborn Saul X was going to be stubborn.
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