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The exchange between Professor Recard and Nemesis was...a thing that happened. Ivy was uncertain how she felt about it. On the one hand, she definitely wished the professors would - could? - do more about the Alliance, but on the other hand...well, there was only so much they could do too. And she hadn't forgotten how Recard had saved a bunch of them, Ivy included, from Rosier's wrath earlier in the term. And there was something in the professors actually still being around at all. They could've been replaced at any point with the hooded squad or one of the other creepy followers around the castle, and that would make everything ten times worse.

So...she wasn't sure there was any good situation here.

All these thoughts she kept in her head though, and she turned her focus on the hat they were supposed to design. It wasn't where she would've thought the lesson would go next, but she didn't mind at all. Since being locked in the Room, she didn't have the same access to the art room that she'd once had, and the Ravenclaw was craving a chance for artistic expression.

Ivy gathered her supplies quickly then took a couple moments to figure out what she wanted to do. She didn't think too hard on it though. Mostly she just wanted to have fun; it didn't have to be perfectly nice and elegant.

Text Cut: Ivy's a better artist than her RPer so please pretend this looks good lol
(Link to Ivy's hat because it's too big to display on SS)

Art is really important to me, so I drew a paintbrush to represent that. The colors spreading out from the brush and into the sky each represent someone or something: red for my mum, green for my dad, yellow for my brother, the magenta/pink for my friends, and the purple is just because it's my favorite color. When life gets hard (the brown at the bottom), they make my life better and brighter, no matter what. I also included my family pets with the kitty face at the top and the horseshoes for Mum's miniature horses. And the sash in the middle is in the Ravenclaw colors because I also love my house.

Okay. That was done. And the most fun she'd had in awhile. For a little bit, she'd almost forgotten about the Alliance entirely.

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