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Scottie nodded at Saul's statement. Goldy and Ronan HAD been leaving at the same time, so where WAS he? He glanced round at the entrance and looked perplexed for a second, about to respond to the large crowds thing when the vampire man himself entered the room.

Something about Goldwasser made him straighten up and feel...not at ease. Like the OPPOSITE of that. He nodded at his boss and took the two wands belonging to Saul. "Should I stash these where they need to go, or do you want them, sir?" He wasn't entirely sure the protocol when keeping people against their will when part of the giant cult that had just taken over the wizarding world was involved. It was a lot, wasn't it?

He was worried about Saul. Did he have family??? NO no. Scottie had to not care. Caring was how you got hurt. Caring got you nowhere. For the greater good, eh? Scottie was doing it for the greater good all right. "And then I'll leave you to it, sir. Unless there's any paperwork you don't feel like doing." See? Scottie was a good boy.
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