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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Her kind smile and compliment made it difficult for him to say what he planned in advance. Carson shifted his eyes from Aurora to the pink painting on the wall behind her, then back to her determinedly. "Well, it entails offering various support to you to help you become the best Department Head you can be," he thought this basically meant running errands, organising events, making travel arrangements and so on - things he could do well. But what happened in the previous week showed that more was expected of him as a member of this department. He took a deep breath and blinked down at his feet before raising his head and giving her the envelope in his hand.

"... which is why I believe I am not the right person to be your Personal Assistant. I failed you at the dragon reserve, Ms Bagnold. You told me to protect the children from the Vipertooths, but I just froze. I could have gotten them killed. I'm sorry, I don't think I belong here in the Ministry of Magic. Please accept my resignation letter."

To answer his own question: no, he would not be responsible for taking care of the fwooper, because he was no longer her Personal Assistant.
Aurora had to hand it to Carson, even though he was young, he could still look determined. Nodding she replied quietly. "You've understood correctly Carson. Your job is to support me in running this creatures department smoothly and efficiently, and to become the best head that I can be." Her first weeks as leader had been eventful to say the least with the Dragon reserve incident, and then the gala after that.

She was about to say more and assign him his first few tasks when Carson surprised her by giving her his letter of resignation after the dragon reserve fiasco, where a few students had been injured and some dragons had escaped.

Aurora sat silent for a moment, eyeing the outstretched letter for several seconds or was it minutes even before she raised her blue eyes to his face as she placed her hands in her lap, as she spoke calmly, doing her best to keep her cool. "No! No, I don't accept your letter of resignation Mr Coleman. I've just hired you to be my personal assistant, and I'm not interested in looking for a new one, when I have the distinct feeling that you're the right person for the job."

"The events at the Dragon Reserve threw you right into the line of fire which you weren't I realize now, ready to handle. I take that on me as your head and I apologize if you felt like you've failed me. You didn't fail me at all. You did the best you could with the experience and skills you have. Don't beat yourself up Carson, even the most experienced wizard can freeze when faced with the unexpected." Aurora finished off. Sheesh this came out of nowhere. They were supposed talk about picking up a baby boa at the menagerie and arranging translations with the Indian ambassador not this....
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