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Valencia Phillips
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Tatiana Chernova

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Bennett Young
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Colin Roderick
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Valencia... started at the hat. Unsure what described her anymore. There were some things she did know though. She liked to read. She liked to learn. She valued history. She valued people. She enjoyed looking at art.

Those were things nothing could take away.

Just like nobody could take away her seemingly random obsession with Winston Churchill. She'd read every biography and book of speeches she could get her hands on. Now, it seemed almost poetic that she'd spent so much time in that age of history.

This, she decided, represented who she was in the moment. She didn't grab any of the construction paper or glitter. Instead, she just took a quill and wrote:


It was a historical argument whether or not that was an exact quote. But, even then, it felt appropriate in the moment and she'd turn it in just like that. The one line written on it.
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