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Claudine was blanking now. Artistís block, maybe? Was that even a thing? Anyway. The fact was that she couldnít decide what to do for the last bit of the hat. She sat there, lost in thought, with the eraser bit of her pencil poking at her cheek. What lastly defined her was the fact that she was an artist. Hmmm. She had an idea.

With her pencil, the Snakette began drawing a series of artist related items: an easel, pencils, a paintbrush. Perfect. Once all her drawings were coloured, a black pencil was used to colour the background of the hat. As for that star? It was filled in with shiny red and orange glitter. Half of the star was red, half was orange. That represented fire. Fire = Blaze.

Claudine couldnít help but admire her work. Creating the hat had really eased her mind to the point where the anger at the Schoolís situation and annoyance with Reccard had faded.
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