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Kinsay knew they were supposed to be coloring their hats. She knew they were. But there was so much happening around her and it was way more interesting than the history lesson. So instead of working on her hat, her eyes went back and forth between Professor Recard and Nemesis Upstead. Mouth agape and eyes WIDE.

"What can we expect from a teacher who can't protect her students, or her colleagues."

Kinsay GASPED!
... AUDIBLY!!!!
You can't say those things to a Professor! Didn't Nem KNOW? She looked over in their direction for a few more seconds before turning back to face the front of the room again, just in time to hear Professor Recard ask if anyone had anything else to contribute to the conversation. Feeling a little bad for her (and hoping that it'd make her a liiiiittle less angry) (angry was scary) (Kizzy did not like angry), Kinsay raised her hand. "I don't think you're doing a bad job, Professor. I think you're just trying your best." Because hearing these words from a thirteen year old would obviously fix everything.
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