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"You can't?" He asked while shoving a few of the cookies into his mouth unceremoniously. Cookies were good fuel for boys whos legs kept stretching as the year creeped along. They WERE good cookies and he was in a perpetual state of hunger.

When he had only two handfuls of cookies he placed the bag down, not wanting to eat them all and leave none for Cece, and put his focus back on his skates. "Cool. Just... remember..." He was rubbish at skating. In any form. And he was most certain that could very much ruin a day. It was already ruining his day just thinking about it. Did he have to say it again? He'd rather not.

"How often do you skate?" It must be here most of the time since they were at school during the summer, but he got the feeling that she probably did this with her family before they started attending Hogwarts.
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