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Scottie closed the cell with a small clink and...made sure it was locked before setting Saul's two wands down on the desk outside the holding cells and leaning on said desk with his arms crossed.

What should he do now? He didn't know, but he sure as hell wasn't going to leave Saul alone. Was Saul pureblood? Scottie was wracking his brain to remember. "You should prepare yourself for welcoming in the reign that will bring about a greater good for humanity. For wizard kind," Scott managed to say without flinching even ONCE. "I know it doesn't seem like it now, but I'm telling will all work out. You'll see." And Scottie wasn't lying here. He was telling the truth. It just...wouldn't be what Saul thought it was.

"Goldwasser will hopefully be here soon and, uh, let you know what'll be going on." Again, Scottie hadn't a clue. "To be frank, I'm glad for an excuse to miss the gala. Large crowds..." he winced and shook his head.
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