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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
After clearing his throat once again, Carson opened the door to Aurora's office and stepped inside. His eyes first landed on the pink fwooper by the desk. His first thought was that it looked beautiful, his second thought was that he hoped it had a good silencing charm placed on it, because he could hear it sing occasionally. Once his eyes adjusted to all the pink decor, he looked at the head of department and gave a small smile.

"Good morning, Ms Bagnold. I'm Carson Coleman." Her new Personal Assistant, but he did not feel the need to add that.

Oh and a third thought about the fwooper: was he responsible for taking care of it now?
As expected Aurora noted silently that the young man's eyes immediatley were drawn to her very eye-catching pink fwooper and not her. She gave Polly a warm affectionate glance before she turned her full attention on the man now standing in front of her desk.

Returning the smile with a kind one of her own Aurora greeted. "Good morning Mr Coleman, you're just the man I wanted to see, and bright and early too always a plus." After a small pause she asked "Do you understand what your job as my personal assistant entails Carson?" It was best to get the formal things done first, so they could get started with more pressing matters.
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