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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Scottie's heart was thumping wildly the whole way to Level Two. Holding a wand to someone and threatening to hurt them wasn't something that came naturally to him, but he was quite determined to do what he thought he needed to do in the moment. He didn't make small talk with Saul on the way, either. He was silent.

"In you go, sir, there," he said politely as could be. "I'm sure your familiar enough with these, but...there's no use trying to get out of 'em. They're secured." He nodded for Saul to step in.
Saul was just as silent as Ferguson was. The slight prodding of the young man's wand was irritating at best but also necessary. For sure some of the thoughts racing through the man's head were various ways to escape but without either his wand, or his spare wand the DMLE Employee's chances at taking out Scott and then escaping the ministry was very very unlikely.

He wanted to be clever with some of his words like What no coat rack? Or something else to that extent but the seriousness of the situation overtook any sense of humor Saul barely even had.

He remained in silence even when Scott was telling him to get in and asked if he was familiar with the place. He was sure the kid was being sarcastic but Saul wasn't going to engage with him any further. He suspected Bain Goldwasser or someone else who was probably in the upper ranks of this regime to come in and speak with him.

Saul stepped into the cell Scott had opened and took off his suit jacket tossing it onto the table in his cell then went and sat on the bed. Looking angrilly still at his colleague who had led him to the Cell.
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