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Text Cut: Inquistorial Squad & Bagnold
Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
A hooded figure drew their wand, aiming a stunning spell at the old woman (Georgia).
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Turning to Georgia her face grim now Aurora said preparing herself mentally for a fight. "We need to act swiftly and efficiently. The dragons are escaping and there is no telling what damage they will cause to the surrounding forest if we don’t get them contained and back under control. How many men do you have under your command Ms Templeton? Shall i call for even more ministry reinforcements or are these dragons easy to contain?" She didn’t know how tame these dragons were but hopefully they’d come back for a promise of a nice steak.

One didn’t work around dragons for as many years as Georgia had without developing a sixth sense. She sensed the stunning spell just in time to toss up a secondary shield, but since her focus had been on maintaining the one around them, enough of the stunning spell got through to zap her of some strength and a little mental clarity.

She shook her head as the Ministry Lady (Nordic Witch) started talking to her about rounding up her team. ”Enough to gather up the dragons if the intruders leave.” She was pretty certain that half of the chaos was because the strangers on the reserve didn’t know how to act around the dragons. They all probably smelled funny and looked tasty and were disrupting the natural habitat of her precious charges.

Text Cut: Dragons, Inquisitorial Squad, & Williamson
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They were destroying everything in their path as they made their way to sweet, sweet freeeeeeeeeeeedom.


The hurt Vipertooth flailed about on the ground in pain, its tail thrashing this way and that.
Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
The inquisitorial Squad watched as several dragons escaped, destroying everything in their path. Only a few students had been brave enough to draw the dragons out as ordered. How disappointing! This was not the grand scale of chaos they had hoped for. Incompetent children.
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Good thing he'd done role at the start of class, right? Because this list of names was all just now in his head. If only he'd brought a clipboard... actually, maybe it was a good thing he hadn't brought role on a clipboard. The kids would probably be blamed for this mess, wouldn't they? And knowing him, he'd accidentally leave the roster at the reserve, and then that woman who'd stunned him would find it, and then--

Speaking of her precious charges….”NOOOooooooo!” she wailed upon seeing that a few dragons too far off in the distance to coax back. It seemed that some of the wards around the Reserve must have gone down. There was nothing she could about that now. They would have to take check records of which dragons got out. There was, she thought optimistically, the chance that the dragons might come back. After all they knew there was food here. But she wasn’t going to hold her breath on that. No right now she had to focus on the ones still here. And one looked injured and injured dragons were very volatile.

She was about to yell about getting out of the reserve when the man who (just to remind you) had asked to be stunned, work up and started making portkeys. Good. Get! Be gone trespassers!

Indeed, too bad he (BanaBatGirl) hadn’t brought a list of names along because Georgia would have made sure to turn such a treasure trove of information over to the Ministry Lady for prosecution. As people started disappearing around the reserve, Georgia started to take control of the situation. ”Don’t go near the hurt one…we’ll take care of it!” she yelled. Peter was particularly close with the twins. As soon as everyone was gone, she’d send for him.

She turned to the Ministry lady . ”I think, a few got away. We won’t know until we can do a full inventory of the grounds – dragons and eggs.” It had been breading season after all. ”I will send you a report as soon as we can put one together.” Now leave!
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