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Silk Sheets | Age - 11
He couldn’t stop touching them. The sheets. Why did he not have his own???? This was a serious matter that needed fixing! He grabbed the sky blue set and ran to find his mother. They were at a local shop for her to buy material to make some curtains out of for the living room.

“Mum! I need these! I NEED THEM!” he gave her the biggest wide eyes he could muster. She had to say yes. He couldn’t explain why he needed silk sheets so badly, BUT HE DID.

“Oh, Paul,” she took the set and eyed the price tag. “You don’t NEED them, love.”

“Muuuuuuuuuuum! Think how nice it’ll be for whenever I go to Ho-” he glanced around and turned red. “School. Off to school.”

His mother seemed to think for a second, but she sighed. “Fine. But they’ll get filthy and ruined at ours.” Was it wise to buy these nice sheets when they lived on a FARM? But then again, Paul was so particular about his things.

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