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SPOILER!!: Aboli, Squad, Valencia
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Aboli eyed Ivy as she approached, but she nodded at the girl affectionately. There were no words, though. Just a sharing of eye contact that she hoped would convey her mutual misery at this time. And then there was Noah. Which made her heart, like, PANIC because she was both relieved to see him AND nervous for whatever was to come. Why was he not standing by her? She felt ANGER pierce through her, but she supposed...he was doing it for her. She waved him over gently to show she didn't really care.

Oh, Mamie. Aboli touched the younger girl's shoulder gently and squeezed it. Still no words, but a moment of comfort, perhaps. She would miss Mamie next year...she would miss all of her younger friends. There were more than she had ever thought..........she, who used to think ANY younger student was annoying.

But look, class was starting, and suddenly Aboli found herself ROLLING her eyes without control. Scoffing. SHE WAS SCOFFING BEFORE SHE COULD STOP HERSELF. "Oh COME OFF it - we have discussed this COUNTLESS times before now, Professor - can't we learn something NEW?! Merlin's HAT!" she huffed. "We GET IT." Muggles suck. Right. Could they MOVE THE BLOODY HELL ON?
Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
Could the children MOVE THE BLOODY HELL ON though? Still they would not learn.

Tsk. Tsk.

One of the ever-present silent observers, one lurking at the back of the ring of traffic cones, kicked over said cone in his haste to get out his wand (yew and dragon heartstring, 9 3/4 inches).

Nonverbally, the raging Rosier fan sent a very forceful full-body bind curse at the outspoken seventh year, followed by a silencing spell as well. And then a mild stinging hex just for the girl's foul language. Three spells in a row.

Boom, boom, boom.

The child did not stand a chance to resist, considering they were aimed at the back of her head and no one was in the way. Down she should go. As she deserved.

And then... she would be added to the list, yes? This Sqaud member pocketed their wand and exchanged a glance with their nearest fellow.
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia looked over her shoulder as the spell was cast, trying to see where it came from. There they were, along the back of the traffic cones.

Hahaha. Muggle weaknesses?

Well, for one, muggles don't cast spells at the back of people's heads. Someone would see that as a clear disadvantage.

Muggles also didn't mess with their childrens' educations. They happened to actually have several laws against that in most countries.

Muggles also had laws against the abuse of children. They also had something called Crimes Against Humanity, which the wizarding world reallllly needed to adopt.

"They are confined to the physical laws of space." she said casually making her way toward Aboli. "They can't expand buildings or bags or anything."

She then released Aboli's bind and held out a hand to her. "Hey. You seemed to have tripped. That happens sometimes outside."
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Honestly, Aboli regretted saying anything the moment the outburst happened. She had been SO good at holding her tongue the entire term, but here and now she was losing it?! Seriously?! What she did NOT expect, however, was THREE different spells hitting in such a short span of time.

First, there was the body-binding curse, which rendered her wandless and helpless. They probably knew they'd NEED to do that since she was skilled in nonverbals herself, and she was sure the minions had kept tabs on all of their skills. Or maybe not, and they were just cruel. Regardless, Aboli wouldn't have fought against these spells anyway - despite the outburst, she did not have a death wish, and her self preservation was currently SCREAMING at her for her lack of self control.

Then, there was the silencing spell - again, unnecessary, but she supposed she didn't blame them for wanting to make a clean job of it. Gotta make sure even if she DID have the fight in her that she wouldn't fight back. The stinging hex, though? That hurt. It was mild, but still. She was shocked to not receive an unforgiveable...she had prepared, in her own way, for receiving one for naught. Never too late, she supposed. Was she supposed to get up? No no - she was still very much STILL as a board. She would have been gritting her teeth had she been able to.

She was worried someone would try to help her. Like, no. Go away everyone. Aboli had had a TALK with Noah about letting her be if she ever got hurt. He was a muggle-born who couldn't afford to get into trouble. She was so utterly proud of him for doing nothing. Aboli knew how hard it must have been. Many of her classmates that she cared about weren't even looking at her, or looking at her helplessly.


Very good.

No need to get into trouble for her.

But then Valencia.......did that, and Aboli felt rage purge her entire being. Was she MAD? Stupid? DUMB? Or just dead stubborn? She supposed a mixture of them ALL because she undid???? the curse???? Aboli refused Valencia's hand and scurried up herself, seething. She was still under a silencing spell, but she sent daggers Val's way. Don't be a prat, you stupid Ravenclaw was what she wanted to say. But she didn't....she couldn't.

Normal circumstances...and Aboli would have taken Valencia's olive branch, so to speak, as a welcome thing, but today...this term?? This month? This WEEK??? She was irritated.

And then just like that, everything he was afraid of happened before his very eyes and Finneas couldn’t help the screech that escaped him. He would have bumbled over to help Aboli himself, had Valencia not gone to do so. And knowing the Inquisitorial Squad would likely punish her too, Schmoe threw his hands up into the air, to divert their attention. Hopefully.

”Please,” he pleaded, his entire body shaking. Each time he saw them was a reminder. The first night. The memory always returned full force. It happened in the middle of the night too, but it was worse during the day, when he could see them. ”I, er, I-. Sh-she forgot. It was a slip of the tongue.” Never had Schmoe felt like more of a coward. ”It was, it was my fault. I have -er-I have n-not b-been firm enough. P-p-please.”

They were only kids.

He swallowed thickly, turning to look at the pair. ”Y-you are disrupting my lesson. Ms. Phillips, t-take Ms. Song to the hospital wing. Th-this c-can n-never happen again.” He just hoped the Inquisitorial Squad would buy into it. It wasn’t much of a punishment, but maybe they would allow it.

SPOILER!!: individual replies are under here

SPOILER!!: cecelia
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
It was a strange thing to be expected to act like it was just another school day when you knew you were going to be followed from class to class by people who wanted to harm you. Worse still, that you were expected to participate and be present when you knew you had to go back to the room at the end of the day, a place that sucked all the sunshine right out of Cecelia Summers and a place that robbed her of her sleep. Even class by the lake and the promise of fresh air wasn't enough to pull her out of her sadness. She was a droopy little flower and she didn't know how to bring herself out of this mood.

Of course they were talking about muggle weaknesses. Of course. Siiiiigh. "They can't heal the way we do. Like, if they break a bone, they have to wait ages for it to heal properly." They didn't get a magical fix.


Aboli was going to pay for that probably. She knew that, right? Cece had to look away, not wanting to see her hexed or worse. She was tired of seeing people get hurt.

Finneas nodded slowly. He was still shaken. ”Yes, if they break a bone… their, er, their body is out of commission for as long as it takes for the body to heal.”

SPOILER!!: Phoebe
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe had been living in a box with no privacy and no hairbrushes and a cold floor and pretty awful food, fearful for her life and the lives of her friends and sister, for days and days now. Aboli's little outburst got only a flicker of disinterest from her, although she flinched at the spells being cast. She'd been working on dueling and spellwork for ages now, to make up for her early failures at Hogwarts, and now she was reduced to cringing over a wand flick.

How. Annoying.

"Um." She wasn't sure if she should respond to Aboli's sudden hexing or not, so she opted for not. "They have no defense against spellwork, sir. Unlike a well trained witch or wizard, who would never be taken by a surprise hex." Ahem.

”This is a good answer, everyone please take note,” he swallowed thickly, nodding in… approval before moving on.

SPOILER!!: Bernadette
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Much like Pheobe, Bernie was reduced to flinching at the spells being... hexed? Curst? Casted? Aboli's way. As an aside, how had this child attended Hogwarts for five years now and not yet learned the proper verbs for witchcraft and wizardry?

She looked away as she felt her eyes brimming a bit, all out of empathy for her friend with the fancy kid gloves. Bernie couldn't look at her, she couldn't. She looked instead at Cal, the little Hufflepuff first year next to her. Poor kid. Kid deserved better. All kids did, really. Supposing she was one of those kids...

Bernie's hand POPPED into the air, though not with the usual amount of enthusiasm she had in this class; it wasn't even CLOSE to that amount of joy.

"I think Muggle children are less special than baby witches and wizards," she answered, trying her best to keep any and all emotion out of her voice, even though this answer was, er, her own opinion of herself vs. her Muggle siblings, and thus a reflection of the Granthams as a whole. "Remember that baby project we did, sir?" Did Phoebe remember too? They had raised a baby named Finneas!!! "I know that sometimes wizard kids will show magic at a young age, and sometimes they'll even--- even get injured, like Cece said. But wizard kids heal better and faster and Muggle kids... don't."

Er, yeah. Best to leave it at that. Bernie nodded in solidarity with the professor and then looked down to the ground again.

Though Finneas may have shown a fleeting smile at the mention of the baby project, he was a little out of it still. ”They, er, perhaps you are alluding to the fact that they are… more fragile?” Maybe. He wasn’t thinking straight.

SPOILER!!: Ashley
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash was done caring. oh, points, oh, friendship, what about your public image, oh, safety- she didn't care. If they were going to kill her, they were going to kill her and that was the end of it. "Muggles aren't as good at killing people. Their methods aren't 100 percent effective. When muggles try to kill someone, they could still survive. When we hurt someone, they are gone." And she could care less if that made people uncomfortable. They should be uncomfortable. If they felt comfortable, they were doing something wrong. She looked straight into Schmoe's eyes. And the only thing in hers was disappointment. Not surprise. Just pain. Pain that she was alone. That there was nobody who would fight the world for her like she would for them. That she didn't belong, and that the world was so terrible. Because she could never escape her nightmares, and also because her life was worse than her nightmares. ANd the feeling that she saw it coming was the worst thing of all. It was worse and worse and worse. She'd thought having a dad who didn't care about you and a dead mom was bad. She'd thought being possessed was bad. And now this. If someone could explain to her why she should care at all about anything that happened, they could try. Try and fail. Try and get punched.

This answer made him shiver involuntarily, but he carried on because he knew they were being watched. ”Excellent.” But was it?

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Noah could have sworn he felt the heat wafting from Aboli with the way that she looked oh so angry at him. But yes, he was limiting his contact to only eye contact to better protect her. The LAST thing he wanted to see was her to get hurt because of her association with him..... And it killed him to stay grounded where he was when she stood next to Carl.

Class began as usual with Schmoe asking a question that was similar to one he had asked before. He, however, didn’t pay much attention to it after the goon squad had appeared and cast not one but three spells. “Ah!” he had started to say her name and then stopped himself by pretending to fake a sneeze. He covered his nose in the crook of his arm, turning his whole body away. Noah knew if there was another outburst then it’d be bad... That’s what Aboli had told him and she went and had an outburst. He was a little upset with her for acting so recklessly and ‘Gryffindoring’ as she had termed it to him.

His eyes narrowed and he balled his fist, finding himself taking a step forward before stopping himself and clenching his jaw. He remembered his promise to Aboli... If for some reason, she should get hurt, then he should do nothing. It was something that had taken him hours to come around too but- now- he was finally being tested. He bit his bottom lip as hard as he could but not hard enough to draw blood yet hard enough to cause a pinching sensation.

He offered his answer, glaring at Schmoe now. “Yes, Muggles are weak and dumb and broken,” he started in a sing-song voice because that’s all he could do to keep himself from throwing a punch or challenging the hoods to a duel which would have been idiotic. “Muggles are weak because they believe magic doesn’t exist. It defies all logic... and science and their religious beliefs. .” Salem Witch Trials anyone? Not that he had borrowed Aboli’s book the other day before the Courtyard on it. He folded his arms and huffed, adding another quieter comment. “Obviously

Noah cast his gaze towards Aboli and was about to make his way over when Val intervened. Thank Merlin. Normally he would have smiled but instead he kept a neutral expression. Merlin. This was KILLING him.
”..... Bless you.”

Finneas twitched and blinked and twitched again. ”Yes… Allowing for us to have the element of surprise against them.”

SPOILER!!: Moose
Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
Sure there were flinches from others but William did a full duck and cower move crouching down and covering his head with his arms. Aboli shouldn't have spoken out of turn like that. He didn't want to be anywhere near spells being cast, or close to anyone who would create more problems. Unfortunately he was a problem. In the eyes of their captors he was a piece of trash to be thrown out, or worse.

Just do what your told and you can make it another day.

He slowly stood up when it seemed that Aboli was going to be okay-ish. Still shaking. "M-Muggles have no ways to defend against the very real v-very threatening threats of Dragons, o-or other dangerous magical creatures. They'll just die." William jammed his hands into his pockets and clenched them tight to try and let the fear escape out of him.

Finneas was ready to duck and cover too. ”They just die.” He repeated. Was he sad? Was he unfeeling? Was he… just? Who knew? Not Schmoe.
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale was sure Schmoe said something disparaging about Muggles as his first question of the lesson. But he wasn't really paying attention. Not really. And any attention he was giving the lesson was diverted when Aboli went down after an uncharacteristic outburst at authority.

It wasn't getting easier to watch his peers attacked. He ground his teeth and glared at the Hooded, but didn't make a scene. Kale was making a habit of not making a scene lately. No way it lasted.

He raised his hand, catching the gist of the lesson and the question posed, before he added, "Muggles keep creating new technology to make up for their lack of magic. We stopped innovating years ago because we didn't need to with magic. Our society is perfect without new ideas."

And for not making a scene, Schmoe appreciated him. ”Their new technology is never enough. It, er, it cannot compare.” Guess what? Finneas hated it here.

SPOILER!!: Nemesis
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Wonderful. A Flamsteed clone.

Nem looked down at him, and then at the other who had started off in some other direction, and back to the first again. They nodded once, and spoke in as bland a tone as the one they'd greeted the professor with. "Thanks. I'll remember that."

Schmoe seemed like he'd survive.



No negative reactions here. Nem set eyes back on Schmoe again and waited for things to get started. The sooner the lesson was underway, the sooner it would be over, and Nem could get back to... whatever.

How fitting that things were being kicked off with this weakness question. It was almost worth an answer, but Nem's mind was pretty saturated with the weaknesses of those around them these days, specifically the Hogwarts faithful. With a little effort, they could push past that, to the very obvious fact that muggles were physically vulnerable. Any physical defence a muggle relied on, magic could overcome it. The same could also be said for most magical problems or defences - Nem had no doubt that if a spell existed, so did its counter, as long as you were committed to finding it - but muggles were especially pathetic in that sense.

There had been a time, years and years ago, when they had believed wizards and witches were naturally more intelligent than muggles too, but that theory had not taken long to unravel. Every day they were reminded how foolish they had been as a child, assuming something like that.

Nem didn't look around at that little outburst, nor the response, didn't even blink. They gave no answer to the initial question, either, but kept their gaze riveted to Schmoe.
...... Schmoe looked at Nemesis for a millisecond tops. He was waiting to see if they raised their hand to offer an answer, but errrrr… They did not. And Finneas was… going to just….. AnYwAy.

SPOILER!!: Quinn
Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn flinched hard at Aboli's outburst. He knew what was coming. He turned away from her at the spells, not wanting to see if she... she...

But, she didn't. She had been spared, mostly. He made sure not to do what she had done—but he was angry, too. He understood where she was coming from. Quinn kept his mouth shut; he was done talking down about his heritage, and he had been done for a while.
Finneas was unwell. And Quinn looked just about the same. He…. looked at the boy sadly, before turning to the next student.

SPOILER!!: Irithel
Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
One of the few students who still had their privilege of freedom, Irithel also seemed to be one of the few who still appreciated the professors. They were clearly powerless and the way they were forced to tie in Muggle hate into lessons was pitiful, but their presence was reassuring. As long as they were not replaced by the hooded figures, she thought she would be able to endure this ordeal. She gazed at her head of house with a sad expression as he began the lesson weakly. The expression changed to one of shock and disbelief at Aboli's sudden outburst. She was supposed to be the sensible one!

"Muggles are not constantly vigilant," she said quickly after raising her hand. It could be interpreted in an anti-Muggle way, but it was probably just factual. Since they were not aware of the entire wizarding world, they had no reason to watch for danger all the time.

”No they are not.” He kept his reply simple. It was all he could muster. He knew this was taking a toll on them too. There was really no need to linger.

SPOILER!!: Atlas
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
The comparison to water, dampening and all, would tickle Atlas a bit considering his interests. But...he felt some sort of way about the pinky maneuver. Several somethings and the predominant one was...unpleasant. Unpleasant but it had nothing to do with Quinn or the gesture and everything to do with...circumstances. Were their hands hidden enough from view that this wouldn't become an issue? Would a simple pinky curl warrant the order for dad's execution? He had seen...more prominent displays of affection go he gulped down a breath and nervously returned the gesture and kept his gaze straight ahead on Professor Schmoe.

The breath he had been holding that Nemesis Upstead might do something to his brother also found its own exhale. Praise Orion.

As class officially begun, Atlas found himself wanting to remain quiet and...there was relief in that Muggle Studies was a class that he could afford to do that and keep his self preservation. A small little act of rebellion from the professor, perhaps.

...and speaking of rebellion and self preservation...or a lack thereof...

...if Atlas had been inclined to answer, his mouth would have been zipped shut now. Eyes widening and unblinking, the Gryffindor gaped at Aboli as she spoke out of turn like that. Didn't she realize that every time anyone did this sort of thing it just got WORSE for the rest of them?! In the blink of an eye the whole scene changed. One of The Hoods™ cast not one but THREE spells at her and all his blue eyes could focus on was their color - none of them being any of those of an Unforgiveable so at least there was that. And then something ugly and confusing happened within him. On the one hand, Atlas was glad there had been consequences of her actions and that they seemed focused on only her and not the rest of them. He still did not care much for her, the day of Mollywobbles' death still resonating with him too strongly as he could all too easily see his dad in place of the jarvey...but also...he hated The Hoods™ and what they did to people. How Aboli could easily have been anyone else - like Aries - and how that may have spurred the first year to lash out. So now The Hoods™ were making him feel sympathetic towards someone he was DETERMINED not to feel sympathy for.

That just...that just wasn't fair

Sucking in a sharp breath as another girl, a Ravenclaw, approached Aboli...Atlas found himself terrified to what repercussions were coming NEXT. It was...what was that word...for the longest time he had gone through life thinking it was 'rubberducking'....RUBBERNECKING. Atlas was unabashedly horror.

Finneas wobbled in his stance. Another one who chose not to answer. Who was he to blame them?

SPOILER!!: Minjae
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Whatever look the Professor had tried to convey to him back, Minjae did not get it. Mainly because he wasn’t really looking in the man’s direction anymore and instead focused his gaze on Claudine and Heath who stood near him.

As class started he wasn’t surprised that the topic was muggle hating again and his eyes briefly went over to The Hoods , cursing them in his mind. And then Aboli spoke , no, shouted. WHAT IN MERLINS BEARD WAS SHE DOING!?

Minjae visibly flinched as one of The Hoods began attacking Aboli with multiple spells. He reached for something to hold on it which happened to be the arm of either Claudine or Heath, he wasn’t sure who's arm it was because his eyes were transfixed on his friend on the ground. His fingers dug deep in to the flesh of the arm as his tearful eyes went over to professor Schmoe, BEGGING him to do SOMETHING.

He was locked up in that dark room because of his bloodline and also because he alerted a ministry worker about the happenings at Hogwarts but eh but Aboli, she was supposed to be the sensible one. She had told him to relax and pretend… she still had some freedom left. WHY would she waste it?!

This was getting too much , his head had already hurt before walking to class but now it seemed to be pounding. He realized that he was holding on to an arm and quickly let go and rubbed his temples, trying to focus on the question instead but he had long forgotten what it was. Sorry T__T

Again, another one who chose not to answer. Finneas understood. He really did.

SPOILER!!: Dahlia
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
It likely meant nothing at all and it was probably strange that she even noticed it at all but being the only one referred to by her first name had made her smile. It was tiny and fleeting but a smile all the same. The little things could still mean so much, even during times such as this. So thank you, Professor Schmoe for that, it had felt good for that brief second.

Just like everything else this term the moment was extremely short lived. Not even a full minute into the lesson was bad things happening. The very question asked, the very first person to speak up... had been hexed. More than once from the looks of it. Aboli, why? No one seemed to be learning to keep their mouths shut.

Letting out a slow breath, Dahlia tried to focus only on Professor Schmoe, slowly raising her hand. "They're weak. Easily hurt or killed. They scare super easily too." Her answer was short and simple. Right now it was the best she could do.
The small smile did wonders for Finneas too. So thank you, Ms. Dahlia. As for her answer, ”They do frighten very easy. Keep this in mind.” As it would, unfortunately, be of use later.

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Okay, she couldn’t be that cold, especially when it came to Schmoe. Claudine gave him a nod then returned to being annoyed. Mind you she wasn’t annoyed at Schmoe as much as she was annoyed with The Hoods and Rosier. Whatever. Things were getting started. And with a repeated question that they had all heard before. Claudine was not impressed and was inclined to agree with Aboli. The younger snakette knew the older snakette would pay dearly for the outburst and she winced in anticipation of what was to come. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one for she suddenly felt a hand clutching at her. Looking around told Claudine that it was Minjae’s hand. She gave him a sympathetic glance. This wasn’t going to get easier for them watching their classmates get attacked.

“Transportation- wise, they take longer to get from one place to another. Unlike witches and wizards who can get around with brooms, Apparation and Portkeys...Muggle travelling methods could use some developing. If the Muggles could think more… I don't think they use their brains enough.’’
Finneas nodded sadly. Slowly. Sadly and slowly. ”Yes, this traps them as, er, as they do not have a quick escape route.”

SPOILER!!: Alexandre
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Alexandre was present. Of course he was. He had never skipped a class before and he certainly was not about to start now when skipping would have dire consequences. He had arrived silently, like he did most of the time these days. He'd offerred a nod and a weak smile as greeting to Professor Schmoe. He liked the man, and felt bad that his class had turned into something he so clearly had never wanted it to. And he also understood that it was best to just go along with it, because arguing or fighting would lead to much worse.

Which is why he was so surprised when Aboli lost her temper. Because he thought she understood that too. He was standing near her, because friend, so he immediately saw the consequences of the spells that were aimed her way. Oh no no no. Alexandre couldn't stand to see his friends hurt. He gasped, and took a step closer to her before stopping himself. Helping her might make him a target. He couldn't let himself be taken to that room and leave his sister alone. He was frozen, torn. And then Valencia was there, helping Aboli and doing what he was too afraid to do. He was a little ashamed that he hadn't done it himself, but he was grateful that Valencia had. He inched a little closer toward the two of them while also trying not to call attention to himself.

He should probably answer the question, right? What was it again? Specific weaknesses of muggles? He raised his hand, and spoke softly when called on. "Um, professor, muggles have made advancements in medicine, but it's still not as good as ours. Like, uh, Cece said it takes longer to heal bones. And if they're sick or hurt they don't have potions and it takes longer to get better."
Finneas nodded slowly. ”Yes… Disease can take them out easily.” But muggle medicines were every advancing. Their innovations had done wonders. They- …. Anyway. It didn’t matter now.

SPOILER!!: Heath
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath was conflicted by Schmoe's apologetic demeanor. As far as he was concerned, everyone who allowed Rosier to break the students deserved to be broken themselves! Whatever Schmoe felt paled in comparison to his own pain. Part of him, the faint glimmer of compassion that hadn't yet died in that room, hated himself for feeling that way, but he did. His anger only grew as he heard the question. You mean besides the fact that they taint wizarding bloodlines and leave their offspring vulnerable to genocidal tyrants? he thought darkly.

Heath blinked, momentarily distracted from his anger by Aboli's outburst. Most of the time, her bluntness annoyed him, but he respected her for speaking up now. Not a lot of people would risk their freedom and their safety to stand up to prejudice like that! He flinched at the barrage of spells the hoods aimed at her. He knew it was coming, but it was impossible to not feel sorry for her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Minjae clinging to Claudine's arm and gave him a sympathetic look. He had some idea how he must feel; it was the same way he felt when that Neo-Alliance goon backhanded Claudine. Despite his sympathy, he was glad when Minjae let go of her. If the hoods were to hex him too for an emotional reaction, Claudine would be in their line of fire, and he could not allow that!

What was the question again? Heath had completely forgotten in all the excitement. Something about muggle weaknesses, wasn't it? His thoughts involuntarily turned to the muggles from DADA and how quick they were to believe his lie about a reality show. His hand went up, and he said, "They're easily duped." That must be where he got it. How else could he have thought a halfblood like him could secure his safety by winning Rosier over?
Finneas twitched involuntarily. ”They are, yes. Er. Easily fooled.” He agreed unwillingly.

SPOILER!!: Octavia
Originally Posted by PatInTheHat View Post
Octavia didn't so much as flinch when the older girl went down, but she did think of practice dummies that also went down without a fight when spells were cast at them. Her mind often wandered when the alliance was involved, invoking the logical side and completely shutting down all emotions.

"Muggles are almost entirely dependent on electricity. Take that away and their entire world stops. They don't know how to function." The same could be said about magic and wizards, but that wasn't the current topic.

Finneas took another sharp, painful breath has he moved on to call on the next raised hand. ”Very good. They are, er, not self sufficient. It, er, it leads to weakness, yes.”
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Ivy didn't think there was much of anything that could surprise her at this point.

But then Aboli proved her wrong.

The outburst was very unexpected. But she also...respected it. And so Ivy didn't move away from the Slytherin when the hooded creeps shot their spells at her. And when Valencia stepped up and casually undid one of them.

Maybe the whole school was going to be thrown into that awful room at this rate. She didn't like this one bit, least they were all in this together? That was something, she supposed.

Anyway. The question. Muggle weaknesses.

She raised her hand. "They're easy to manipulate. Tell them what they wanna hear, convince them you know what's best for them, and they'll follow you and do whatever you tell them to." Maybe not a Muggle-exclusive weakness though. Seemed like something wizards struggled with too. Hm.

Finneas was relieved to see only one more hand was raised. ”This is, er, true and …. Very clever.” Welp.

Finneas twitched again. His eyes moving from one side of the circled area to the other. ”Er.” He was having difficulty thinking straight. Thinking was something he usually did not have much difficulty with. ”Many of you have, er, pointed out wonderful examples of…. Weaknesses that face muggles.” He paused to take a short, painful breath. ”While we have been covering similar, er, material over the past few months, this is… Er. It is imperative that we make sure that… we are aware. That we are, er, constantly vigilant because… Muggles can, er, they can be violent. They do not like our kind.”

He paused here for a moment to reorient himself. ”One, er, one famous example of this… that you w-will recall f-from History of M-magic is the Salem Witch T-trials that resulted in the executions of t-twenty people accused of witchcraft.” He paused again, swallowing thickly this time. This was the exception and not the rule, but of course the curriculum had it the other way around.

”If you c-come face to face with a g-group of v-violent muggles, how do you proceed? Keep their weaknesses in mind. Do you have a p-plan of attack? What is your st-strategy? W-what spells might be useful to use against them?”

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