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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
He saw it, the wand movement, but any feeling of reassurance was fleeting, and Kaiser couldn't be sure why. Maybe because it was difficult to feel reassured about anything what with this whole situation, maybe because now the pressure was on regarding the information he had to share, and maybe... maybe something else entirely. He didn't know. Was suddenly compelled to stop trying to figure it out, in fact.

Kaiser nodded back, but then quickly diverted his eyes, settling them instead on a point on the opposite wall, so he didn't have to look at anyone while he spoke about serious things, and personal failures. Old habits.

As he spoke, his conglomerate accent - a mess of Europe with some of Candela's Brazilian influences thrown in now too - became more evident, and more difficult to pin down. "My name is Kaiser, I'm... ah... Mr Hollingberry's personal assistant. The Minister, he has been acting strange." This had been covered, the announcements. Kaiser would never have believed it of him, that he'd circumvent usual Ministry protocol to put those things into place. That he'd want to put them into place at all. "And yet sometimes still the same as ever. He is encouraging, supportive, but sometimes he seems distant, troubled. Somewhere else." Anyone else feel sick? Kaiser felt sick. "He asked me to help him choose flowers for his, ah, for Victoria. He speaks to me like he always did, about the same little things, he still cares. He's still positive, but it seems different sometimes."

Getting to the point now, Kaiser took a bracing sort of breath. He'd still been considering how or if he should share his next thought, unsure if he'd been seeing something that wasn't really there, once he'd been put more on his guard and had started looking for some sort of sign. Ultimately, however, he'd decided he couldn't hold it back based on that fear. The potential benefits far outweighed the potential costs. "The Minister is very fond of one of the other personal assistants on Level One, Alphonsine Rosier. I have never seen him be upset with her, or disagree with her. He is always thrilled when she's around, gets a kind of gleam in his eye. And he has tea with her every day." Kaiser paused, clenched his fists briefly three or four times to ground himself, then finished his contribution. "She brings him tea. Every day."
Fletcher was now listening intently to Kaiser, who was more or less confirming everything he himself had observed with Charles. But to hear the Minister's personal assistant, whom Fletcher had hired, CONFIRM that his own personal assistant, whom Fletcher had ALSO hired, was behind this all? It was starting to raise his perfectly middle-aged blood pressure and causing his moving tattoo to run up his neck and then disappear back down his shirt again.

He let out a small snort of suppressed anger and glanced again at Conley to see if he was reacting the same way. He just--- he just--- his blood was BOILING. Fletcher ruffled his son's hair to try to remind him of why he was here and what he was doing. He was not in this to make things worse for all of them. He COULDN'T act yet. Not yet. But soon.

"Thank you, Kaiser," Fletcher tried to catch the assistant's eye. "I knew I could count on you." See? No disappoint.

But back to the meeting... now they had to disband, quickly, before things grew worse. "If there's nothing else," Fletcher glanced down at his watch and back up and around at the group. "I think we should focus on gaining more people to our side. Take the lapel pins. Find someone else to give them to, maybe more than one person if they can be trusted. Conley and I will be in touch. You all need to continue to lie low and play things close to the chest for now."

Kaiser though... he'd be needing a word with him one-on-one. Soon. Not now, not with Dunk here, but soon.
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