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Up until his imprisonment, Heath had kept up a stoic facade, never letting on how much Rosier's cruelty affected him. Now there was no point in acting. All it got him was a one way ticket to a crowded room in the darkest depths of the castle, not because of anything he did wrong but because his father was a bloody muggle! Now he wanted people to see the toll this took on him. He wanted everyone, especially the professors, to see the damage their inaction had done!

He looked at the professor with defeated, lifeless eyes, eyes that had lost all their former light. "Hello, Professor," he greeted, his tone flat and emotionless. Had he not suspected he was being watched, he wouldn't have offered a verbal greeting at all. He didn't feel much like talking anymore. Without another word, he went to stand with Claudine and Minjae, two other people Rosier had blacklisted, and wait for the lesson to begin.
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