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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
It had almost taken a moment for her to actually realise that she could talk but the shock of it had washed over her face for a moment only to be replaced by a mixture of angst and worry. “Kinsay of course” she whispered as she leant over them both, her eyes slightly wet now.

Had it not been for her worry, she may have actually passed out herself, so much so that she hadn’t even noticed the sudden appearance of Apollo or Dahlia. Briefly, she cast a small glance over to them both to make sure that they were okay but she couldn’t quite tell. Apollo seemed to be in some kind of pain and then there was Dahlia who seemed to be almost as bad as Kinsay. Biting the inside of her mouth, she was about to move from Kinsay when suddenly, she mumbled something to the boy, Flynn! He had a name!

Sighing with relief, the second year Ravenclaw made her way over to Dahlia to check she was okay. Ravenclaws had to stick together after all.

“Apollo, are you okay? Did you see what happened to Dahlia?” she asked as she stumbled past him quickly and over to the side of Dahlia. “Dahlia, it’s Ingrid. You’re safe. We’re back at Hogwarts”, she continued now as she settled by the side of her. Surely the Professor would be around soon to check on them all? That was, if he was even back.
Hearing her name, Dahlia blinked several times in order to focus on the girl nearest to her now. Blue eyes stared up at Ingrid, a fellow slightly older Ravenclaw. Safe. Back at Hogwarts. Yeah, no. What was she safe from exactly? Not being eaten by a mama fireball dragon and her babies. That was it.

She blinked her eyes once more to show that she did actually hear what was being said. There was still no intention at all on moving. So please don't even ask her to do so right now.
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