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Default A few brief mentions throughout and then Valencia and Rosier at the end

Yawning and stretching, her wand held loosely in her hand, her eyes were roaming around her, taking in the faces of her friends but they were mainly looking for her family. Where was Adam and Vi? Thess and Leighton? They must have left the dorm room before her because it wasn’t like them to be late. Quietly, she shifted closer to some of her other house mates (Avalon, Ivy and now Heath) almost instinctively as the headmaster began talking.

He sure seemed to like the sound of his own voice but that wasn’t exactly something new. No, what was new was the list of names of children who were…what exactly was happening to them? What did he mean new quarters? Jumping, Ingrid backed off as one of the headmaster’s cronies barged past her in order to get to one of her friends. Her wand might have been in her hand but her body was frozen to the spot, unable to move or really process anything that was happening.

She watched as one after another, they were taken, some going peacefully and others a little less so, her body tense as though she was about to be snatched but her name hadn’t even been called out and neither had anyone in her family. Still, the relief of that was small. So small in fact that it has wandered out of her consciousness entirely as the scream of an older Hufflepuff girl (Yoyo) echoed through the mumbling and tears. She couldn’t see what was going on but somehow, she knew she had to!

Tentatively, she pushed her way through the crowd without much trouble, her small frame finally coming to use for a change. If she hadn’t known better, she’d have guessed that her heart was trying to pop out of her chest and escape this nightmare of a situation but like, her it was stuck. Trapped by the very thing that was meant to protect her. As she got closer to the action, she couldn’t help but hope against hope that Valencia’s idea would somehow sway the headmaster because it sounded super smart. Kids knew how kids thought, right? Adults forgot when they grew up. “I think umm…maybe Valencia is right Professor. Kids do know kids. I’d be happy to try and help because uhh…I’m not trouble at all. Or at least that’s what my father tells me” she mumbled, her eyes down on the floor now as she addressed the headmaster, too scared to actually look at the man directly but she simply had to say something to try and help her friends. The guilt she already felt was eating her alive but if she didn’t help, well, there’d be nothing left of her.
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