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So that's what this was about. Separating the children. It's not like Shreya hadn't seen drastic measures like this coming. It was clear that Rosier and the Neo-Alliance were planning something bigger—and the man's confirmation that they were already making a stand around the rest of Europe was proof. But something about hearing him say the words out loud was jarring. She clenched her teeth together to avoid crying out in protest. This was how things were going to be.

Still, Shreya felt a pang of guilt in her chest. Whatever these new quarters were, they couldn't be good. She couldn't help herself from imagining that if she was a student, she would be sent to them as well. Would staff members with Muggle heritage be next?

Worst of all, she felt like she had failed to protect the students. Shreya stared at the ground, her eyes cold, as the Inquisitorial Squad began taking the students. It seemed it was too late.

Avalon was standing quietly, still shivering in the cold morning air, when Rosier began speaking. Her mood first turned to annoyance, as she wondered if he had really awakened the entire castle at the crack of dawn simply to berate them for defiance. But her brief irritation was replaced quickly by fear as Rosier kept speaking, ending in full-out panic as her name was announced.

At first, she wondered why she had been included. As far as she was concerned, she had been following all of the orders. She hadn't spoken out or tried anything stupid. Perhaps one of the hoods had seen her practicing her Patronus charm in the spare office? But no, then Aboli would have been on the list too. It took a moment for it to dawn on her that it was because her grandparents were Muggles.

Tears pricked her eyes as one of the hooded figures grabbed her forcefully by the arm. Avalon blinked them away, attempting to keep a brave face...especially for the younger students. She threw glances over her shoulder in fear, wondering why the professors weren't doing anything to help.

Part of her wondered if the Neo-Alliance was taking her to die. Would this be the last time she ever saw her friends? Her school? She bit her lip—hard—trying not to let the tears spill over.
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