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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
You know what was crazy? Flynn landed on his feet. It had to be partly because there was a first year attached to his foot like a limpet, with another first year (wasn't she?) attached to that first year, and unconscious. Which was also crazy because Kinsay was over his shoulder also unconscious. At least Ingrid's mouth was okay? Right? He had let go of her hand upon landing which might have been a mistake. Flynn gave her an apologetic kind of grimace when she fell and jumped up again.

"Um...." Who was okay? Was ANYONE? Ignoring the pain of the stinging hex welt, he carefully put Kinsay down and then looked at Apollo and what was the other girl's name? Dahlia? Where had she even come from? She looked pretty bad though. Flynn focused his attention on Kinsay first.

"Kins?" Flynn gently patted her cheek, hoping she would come round easily. The only good thing about all of this was somehow he wasn't lost in the mire of his past traumas, his brain was too full of worry for Kinsay.

And he didn't notice the tears still freely streaming down his cheeks.
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Kinsay slowly stirred back into consciousness. It was Flynn's touch that prompted her to finally open her eyes. ".... Flynn?" No longer surrounded by nightmarish noise, Kinsay could finally feel her head pounding. She was so confused. Where were the dragons? Why was she on the floor?

"Are we home, Flynn?"

Were they rescued? Was this nightmare finally over?

Kinsay had such little energy left in her that she could have very well collapsed all over again. She didn't do that, of course. Instead, she tried to understand what was going on, but the only sense of familiarity she could grasp at were the others near them (Ingrid, Apollo, Dahlia).
Apollo had traveled via portkey for as long as he could remember, but one of the things he was NOT a fan of was portkey travel in the way he just did it. T- do not recommend. He rolled away from the older Hufflepuff upon landing back at the classroom, realizing that in traveling this way, he'd basically just landed hard horizontally and well, he didn't even want to think about Dahlia. Was she okay? Did this wake her up?

"Bruised ribs likely, but I think .....I'm.... " He rolled over to hurl onto the grass, realizing he hadn't vomited from a portkey in years. He pulled himself up into a seated position, releasing Dahlia's hand. "Is she..." They didn't bring a dead person back, hopefully. He watched and waited, glancing over at Kinsay and shook his head at her question, even though it hadn't been directed at him. Hogwarts wasn't home. Not in the way his family had described. He wasn't particularly sure where home was actually.
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