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Default Hi. We're back ^_^
~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Claudine was relieved to make it back. That relief quickly evaporated as she looked around for Heath.“Please tell me he made it back in one piece,’’ she mumbled to herself. She scrubbed at her eyes, tired and weary from the entire ordeal. Had her group members arrived back as well? The question had just occurred to her when she felt the anxiety starting to well up. Okay, so there had been anxiety earlier at the Reserve but now? Now it was beginning to get out of hand.

The fifth year willed herself to take deep breaths. One...two… Oh Merlin. She needed Heath, or anybody she was friendly with really, but mostly him. He was the only one who could keep her grounded for Claudine was close to having a panic attack.
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