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Default Mentions here and there, Ash, Eden, Quinn and Devon!
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Tadhg was really trying to control and contain his anger but he was failing miserably, as names of people were read from the list his eyes darkened in anger. They did nothing wrong, they were just trying to get the help they needed. Besides this whole place was like a prison to them all, and on top of not able to write or see their families was torture enough. When will this mandess end? It was getting rather tiring very quickly and annoying.

As one by one his friends were taken, Ash, Eden, Quinn all the ones he was close to and cared about as a friend or best mate should. Taking his hoodie off he gave it to Devin who was in his boxers, that had to stink like dragon dung so he decided to help a brother out. His blood was boling and he was shaking in anger over all this. He couldn't bit his tongue any longer, Lia forgive him but this was wrong.

"No, leave them alone don't touch them!" He didn't know what was going to happen to him but at this point he didn't care his friends could be in danger if they weren't already. His parents always taught him to stand up for what was right no matter what, if they were going someplace different so was he.
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