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A lot was happening around her. Her mind was on high alert, every sound her ears captured was divided into possible life and death outcomes. That is why she was expecting some sort of retaliation when she fired the stunning spell. Nerves and the will to stay alive drove Lilith forward. So much she tripped on something as the dragon threatened to burn them alive. In normal circumstances, Lilith would be on the border between fleeing in fright or barring her teeth to fight. As it was, she was grateful of the dragon because she fell on her butt, the spell the hooded person had shot at her, just missing her by an inch.

Lilith didn't waste any more time. She got up, he wand drawn. That is when Claudine grabbed her hand.


You don't have to say that twice. Lilith was on her house mate's trail and grabbed on to the portkey. She was still irrate, but at least she was going somewhere dragons didn't follow. At least she hoped.
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