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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Hmmmm, was this a good time to tell him those had been kind of rhetorical questions? Nahhhh, look at him, all cute being an adorable geek. His answer actually made her smile, even though she didn't really care about the topic itself. So she just looked at him, paused, then chuckled. "You're cute." A cute neeeeeeerd, but still very cute.

Broccoli cheese? "Sounds nice, but too safe." She commented on his choice with a grin and in a low tone so only he could hear. No need to offend the vendor who was about to serve her potentially dodgy food. "Thank you!" She said to the vendor as she took her food. "And thank you!" Anna said to Kalen for paying. She gave him a look as she wondered if she should be doing all the paying, though, because, really, she was earning a lot more money than he was at the moment. But didn't that hurt a guy's ego or something? She was sure she had seen that in her brother. Just one of them, though, the other didn't seem to care much. So maybe just some guys really cared about that? Was Kalen one of those guys, she wondered.

She actually didn't have a clue. Great. So she looked at him to see if she could gauge his level of satisfaction for having paid for the food. Gaaaugiiinggg.
Kalen was more interested in getting and eating his food then worrying about who was paying for what. Had Anna pulled out money first he might have made a attempt to pay instead, but mostly out of good manners more then ego. And speaking of good manners, they were about to go out the window because um...bread bowl without a table to eat it at + hungry college student = delicious tummy-filling mess. "You're just saying that because I bought you lunch," he protested making a face at her as if he was (playfully) offended at being called cute. "Cute is for bunnies or puffskiens...not manly men who were chicken suits and prance around doing the hippogriff at quidditch matches." Because yup, she had learned first hand recently that that was how he made his spending cash.

As for safe? "Hey, it sounds yummy today - it's chilly out here and cheesy soups are best for cold weather. Besides, I grew up on calm chowder and well, that," he said looking into her bread bowl. "Is not clam chowder. Or at least, not New England Clam chowder." He chuckled at his joke. As for the thanks. "Your welcome," he said with a happy smile because he was well, happy to be doing something for her. "Common, let's go find a place out of the wind to eat these." He didn't make two steps before some soup was shoveled into his mouth.
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