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Safety at last! Thanks to the new boy with the brown hair (Flynn), she had finally made it out of the firing line of the dragons the alliance. Still clinging on to the boy’s hand, she turned to face him, her rosy red cheeks puffing as she attempted some kind of smile but before she knew it, he was off again! Why? was he leaving her, just like the other one, the older one Nem who was supposed to be in their group?

Doing her best to nod, she ran after him, mentally making a promise to herself to run more if when she left Hogwarts. Panic stricken, legs heavy, she ran, back out into the sun light and into danger still attached to the boy, because there was no way she was leaving Kinsay, towards Professor Williamson who it seemed was handing out portkeys!

Ohhhhh…he wasn’t leaving them! Well, we was leaving but with them using a portkey! Brilliant!

One hand full of the boys robes, the other reaching out for a portkey, Ingrid braced for the inevitable impact that was about to send her flailing into nothingness.
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