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Mamie was still down. And now Eden was too(did every Muggleborn in the world need to risk their lives doing that?) And Moose was kicking a fence. That was even worse. She knew how it felt. She had done the same, privately. But now really wasn't the time. She looked all calm and stuff. Had she been in one of her angry bad moods, she would have been kicking stuff too. But nah. She was in one of her hopeless bad moods, the other kind, the safer kind. The worst kind. She stepped over to him. "Moose." She wanted to say 'it's okay, calm down'. But that was a lie, and he would end up punching her in the face anyway. "You'll get hurt if you keep doing that. Maybe save the kicking stuff for a quieter time. A quieter room, more like. We're muggleborns, we need to watch how we act extra." She said it softly, empathetically, calmly. How she would want someone to talk to her if she were angry. Which she was a lot. C'mon Moose. Don't let the hoodie cult catch you like this."Are you upset because we're back at Hogwarts?" He probably was. They had a chance to escape, but they couldn't. But she wasn't mad. She had known from the second she got to the field trip that there was no way out of Hogwarts. Unless she were to step out of line and be murdered. And that wasn't a option. She was just disappointed. In herself, in her life, in the world, in other people. If just one of those things went right, she would be okay. Just one of them.
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