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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Flynn sure couldn't go looking for Nem now, not with everything going on, not with an unconscious Kinsay James over his shoulder and Ingrid Luck clinging on to his hand for dear life.

Hearing the Professor, Flynn detoured again, heading that way. Portkey. Portkey. They had to go back. They had to because even if the group somehow escaped, everyone back at school would be punished, they just would. Hopefully the adults here got the message out though. He hoped Fin would tell his mum and dad that he was okay.

"Grab a portkey, Ingrid!" Flynn yelled as they approached the professor and his pile of.... well they weren't licensed portkeys were they? But who cared, Flynn had no choice but to trust it, and he did trust Williamson, and professors ought to have emergency portkey licenses anyways, right? Flynn didn't realise it, but he had tears rolling down his cheeks still. The emotion of seeing his not-quite stepdad and getting a hug, no matter how brief it was, and then Kinsay so small and unconscious, was a lot. Anyway, he had his hands full, Ingrid would have to pick up a portkey to get the three of them through, he'd just hang onto her hand and make sure not to let go of Kins.
With all the rushing madness, it took a minute for Apollo's eyes to adjust but when he heard a voice bellowing out to Ingrid he squinted over to see. Ingrid was one of the girls who'd been in his group before he got separated.

Eh. May as well.

Thankful for his small frame, he leaped over from the shrubs that had been his safety net from the dragons and voices and other chaos. "Waiitttt!" the tiny voice called, as he was sprinting over to the group he caught sight of Dahlia whom he met in the courtyard with Quinn. He reached over to tug at her hand and gripped it tightly.

Holding Dahlias hand in one hand, the first year slower than normal now as he dragged her the short distance after the group and in the knick of time managed to grasp at the Hufflepuff boys ankle with his other hand. Hopefully his shoes were firm on his feet cause there was definitely a risk here that he could have pulled his shoe off with the portkey force.
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