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Stop looking down, Dahlia, she mentally scolded herself several times. The view from up so high was gorgeous, if all of the current chaos was ignored. Now wasn't the time nor the place to be focusing on that though, her focus needed to be on NOT dying. And so far she was managing that.

Until she wasn't.

The grip of those giant talons was gone. Lia tried desperately to hang onto the one talon she had been able to somewhat grasp onto easlier. No, no no! She had to hold on! What spell had hit the Fireball that had been carrying her... didn't do her any good! The pained screeching and the sudden movement from the mama dragon made the small girl loose her grip. Her fingers were slipping and though she kept trying to hang on, hang on to anything her attempts were futile.

Dahlia was falling. Fast.

That's when the true screams of fear began. Each yell getting louder and more fearful the closer she came to the ground. So many thoughts flitted through her mind, one being to try to get her wand and cast something on herself to help with the fall...but she knew the chances of successfully casting anything on herself right now were very very small.

The last thing she remembered before hitting the ground was slowing down (Thank you Ivy and your charm casting!), not a whole light but enough the impact with the ground wasn't so harsh. There on the ground was where she remained, unmoving. She was out like a light.
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