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Default Fiona's arm is grabbed by Cece
Oh, how we drift away from our friends. And the ones back home play remember when

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post

Yeah, no, this was NOT what she’d expected when she’d heard they were going to a dragon reserve. Cece was HORRIFIED. And honestly? As much as she was concerned about the whole NOT getting barbecued thing, the dragons were flying AWAY! Like AWAY-AWAY! This was soooo bad. So bad. The worst. Much danger. Help!

And then Professor Williamson’s voice came through the chaos demanding they grab a portkey and luckily for those in her group, it seemed the dragon had lost interest in them and was focusing on a older, more authoritative meal. With wide eyes, the blonde looked around and then shouted, ”We have to go! Come on! This way!” She grabbed the arm of the nearest group member and made for the portkeys in a mad dash, ignoring the adults who’d been helping them and just hoping they’d be okay with the mess that they were leaving behind.

Oh gosh.

The fifth year scrambled, putting her hand to the first portkey she came upon and wishing this field trip had gone very, very differently.
Fiona heard Professor Williamson's booming voice amongst the chaotic din of everything that was going on. She then felt her arm being grabbed and looked at who had indeed grabbed it. It turned out to be Cece. As they reached the portkey, Fiona placed her hand on it and was quickly transported back to Hogwarts.
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